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  • Melbourne based, servicing Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania.
  • Over 1800 commercial customers Australia wide.
  • Dedicated to resource recovery and recycling in the industrial sector.
  • We prevent toxic waste finding its way into the environment and help preserve scarce raw materials.
  • Trusted, EPA licensed provider for safe disposal of hazardous goods
  • Supply and manufacture of Australia’s largest range of gun wash and industrial solvents.
  • Qualified, experienced technical experts conduct waste audits and provide specialised OHS consultation
  • Safe, reliable and cost effective.
Of All Waste Recycled
Committed to our Customers
Average Growth Per Year Since 2006



Proud of What We Do

and committed to maintaining our reputation for being customer focused and reliable

You might  have noticed that we recently changed our name from Resolve Waste Management to Bradbury Industrial Services. That’s because, what started out as a small scale waste transport operation in 2006 has now grown to offer a much wider range of services.

We are still specialists in the collection of all types of industrial hazardous waste. We can also store it and or transport hazardous waste for you. But what we are most proud of is that we recycle most of that hazardous waste back into products usable in Australian Industry. Not only does it help to keep disposal costs low for our clients it is also great news for the environment.

Specifically our new solvent recovery facility is the most advanced in the country. During the solvent recycling process contaminants such as water, oil, dirt, and paint residues are separated from the clean solvent and our testing procedures ensure that the recycled solvent, which is returned to the customer, is of a very high quality and will perform just as well as virgin products.

Recycling makes a significant impact on your bottom line resulting in a large reduction in the purchase cost of solvents. The distillation method used by Resolve is ‘soft’ on the solvents, which ensures a recycled product which is clear with no pungent odour, whilst retaining a cutting capacity very similar to a virgin solvent.

Our recycled solvent is in high demand and is sold back into the market at competitive rates. In order to cater to our growing base of customers we now also offer a full range of virgin solvents under our Resolve and Rezex brands. Our expert team can develop custom blends specifically suited to your needs. In 2014 we are also introducing our own Kristalux range of cleaning products developed specifically for the automotive industry.

We are a family business with strong ideals and big plans. We have an amazing team of people who work at Bradbury Industrial Services. Because of their strong work ethic and absolute commitment to customer satisfaction we believe we offer a quality level not attainable by other industry participants. The business has grown substantially since its inception in 2006 and now services in excess of 1800 commercial customers across the eastern states of Australia.

We are currently working on several projects which are focused on widening our current recycling capabilities to incorporate a range of glycols, additional solvents, oils and various contaminated water treatment streams. Stay tuned.

And please feel free to pick up the phone and talk to our team about your industrial waste issues or solvent needs at any time. We’re waiting to help.