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Kristalux: Automotive Cleaning Range

A new range of professional workshop cleaners that are
tough on grime and big on value.

Kristalux. Gets the job done.

Available now in 20 litre containers that represent our trademark – value for money.

For nearly a decade Resolve have been Autralia’s premier supplier of gunwash, cleaning and environmental disposal solutions for automotive workshops. Now the same leading company brings you Kristalux, a new range of aqueous cleaners that lead the way in environmentally sensible and productivity boosting alternatives to solvent based cleaners.

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Material Data Specifications for Kristalux products are available HERE:

  • Kristalux AquaWash

  • Kristalux AquaPrep

  • Kristalux CarWash

  • Kristalux TruckWash

  • Kristalux AutoGlass Cleaner

  • Kristalux Caustic Degreaser

  • Kristalux Solvent Degreaser