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Resolve: Recycled Gunwash and Solvent

Leaders in the recycling of all industrial solvents.

Ready for use back in the marketplace, our recycled product works as well as virgin solvent. 

By the litre or by the truckload Resolve are Australia’s specialist solvent provider.


Resolve Recycled Solvents

Recycling Solvents

Our recycled solvents save our clients money at the same time as saving the environment. Resolve is the largest collector and recycler of used solvent in Australia. We process over 2 million litres of cleaning solvent annually. Our recycling facility in Melbourne houses Australia’s newest solvent recovery unit – designed with German precision, our machinery allows us to offer customers who use large quantities of solvent, an opportunity to have their spent solvents recycled and returned to them in almost virgin condition.

If released into the atmosphere or waterways, solvents have a significant impact on the environment. Recycling is a responsible option, which will greatly minimize your consumption of virgin solvent and save you money.

During the recycling process contaminants such as water, oil, dirt, and paint residues are separated from the clean solvent and our testing procedures ensure that the recycled solvent, which is returned to the customer, is of a very high quality, with no pungent odour and will perform just as well as virgin products.

Resolve Gunwash

gunwash-clippedResolve Gunwash is formulated using distilled (recycled) product direct from our state of the art processing facility in Melbourne. The distillation method used by Resolve is ‘soft’ on the solvents, which ensures a recycled product which is clear with no pungent odour, whilst retaining a cutting capacity very similar to a virgin solvent.

Because of its high quality and ability to perform as well as virgin solvent at a considerably lower price, our gun wash has become the preferred option for vehicle manufacturers, paint manufacturers and auto shops around Australia.

Resolve Gunwash is available in the following sizes and bulk shipments:
25 litre plastic containers
60 litre plastic drums
200 litre steel drums
1000 litre IBCs
We will happily recycle all of your used drums.

We are able to apply special pricing structures for gunwash to companies who are able to provide bulk quantities of waste solvent for recycling.

Material Data Specification Sheets for Resolve Gunwash can be found are here: