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Resolve Waste Management

Cost effective, environmentally responsible waste disposal.

Catering to needs of customers in the automotive, industrial and paint markets.

Resolve Waste Management protects your company and your employees from liability by ensuring the proper handling, recycling and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We understand that your waste solution must balance your objectives, operational demands and budget, so we aim to make it as easy as possible for you.  

Our team can undertake a free waste assessment (with no obligation to you) and tailor a custom service program to remove your waste materials at your convenience.

With Resolve you get the following:

  • Scheduled collection, transportation and treatment of packaged industrial waste, liquid or dry, hazardous or non hazardous, large or small.
  • Documentation and labelling of waste in accordance with all Local, State and Federal laws.
  • Our fully licensed trucks, disposal facilities and recycling facility ensure all waste is recovered or treated under environmental guidelines.
  • Full service and maintenance of Resolve Gun Wash Machines and our Waterborne Paint Cleaning Units. Fully manufactured in Melbourne for the Australian auto industry, our machines are an ideal way to increase productivity and reduce cost. These machines are now successfully used by over 280 customers.
  • Complete range of workshop cleaning products, protective equipment, spill kits and absorbent products.



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